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Chapel Hill Middle School

Dekalb County Schools


Social Studies

 Sixth Grade Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada, Europe, and Australia 
Sixth grade is the first year of a two-year World Area Studies course. Sixth grade students study Latin America, Canada, Europe, and Australia with the focus on the geography, the government/civics, the economics, and the history of the regions. 
Seventh Grade Africa, Southwest Asia (Middle East), Southern and Eastern Asia 
Seventh grade is the second year of a two-year World Area Studies course. Seventh grade students study Africa and Asia with the focus on the geography, the government/civics, the economics, and the history of the regions. 
Eighth Grade Georgia Studies 
In eighth grade, students study Georgia geography, history, government, and economics. While the four strands are interwoven, ample opportunity is also provided for in-depth study of the geography of Georgia and the government of Georgia. U.S. historical events are included, as appropriate, to ensure students understand Georgia’s role in the history of the United States.


"Students in a science classroom are taught to  think, learn, solve problems and make informed decisions. These skills are integral to every aspect of a student's education and life, from school to career. "The students are required to demonstrate the ability to communicate mathematically as they actively investigate scientific concepts and share the results of their experimentation. This leads to students that are engaged in learning and prepared for either the workforce or matriculation at an institution of higher learning. 

Science Georgia Standards 


The Chapel Hill Middle School Mathematics Department is committed to providing an equitable learning environment where students can learn, communicate and reason mathematically. Through the teaching and learning process, students will strengthen mathematics skills and cultivate mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills. Students will be provided with learning experiences that requires critical thinking and real world application. Students' learning experiences will embody the concept that mathematics develop is essential. Each educational learning experience will be an intentional effort of continuous improvement of students' mathematical education. Teachers will provide opportunities for students to work collaboratively, self-assess and incorporate technology. 
Mathematics education empowers students to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and lifelong learners. Students will be prepared to successfully compete in an ever-changing global society. It is our belief that by fostering students' logical, rational and analytical abilities, students will not only be able to succeed in that area of mathematics, but in other areas of academics as well. Mathematics education fosters students to develop confidence in their decision-making, risk-taking and perseverance.

English Language Arts


Middle School Explorations/Connections is an opportunity for middle school students to explore electives that are an extension of the regular curriculum, to pursue an interest or talent, or discover a new one. Small same grade level groups provide a setting for students to interact with students that have the same interest.

Physical Education

The Physical Education and Health department at Chapel Hill Middle School is designed to equip students with a variety of activities that will provide the core concepts of physical education and health. In addition to striving to develop and improve the personal fitness, mental/social health and motor functions of all learners. As a physical education and health department our mission is:

To prepare students to be lifelong participates in physical activities.
To teach the importance of a healthy and physically fit body.
To encourage each individual to strive for improvement on his/her potential.
To give each student the opportunity to realize his/her abilities and or limitations.
To Develop leadership and sportsmanship
To provide activities that may help students cope with daily stress.
To encourage and develop a positive mental attitude towards wellness.
To help the students learn to work with other individuals effectively and contribute in a group cooperatively.

The department prepares students to be lifelong learners while providing opportunities to gain the experience they'll need to grow physically, mentally and emotionally. Physical education plays an important role in the development of the total individual. 

Exceptional Education

We believe that all learners can achieve educational success leading to higher education, work, and life-long learning. Each learners’ services and supports are offered through the IEP and are based on his/her unique abilities. 

Exceptional Education is devoted to providing students with disabilities with a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). Collaboration from service providers and parents is essential in meeting the needs of our unique learners. Individualized support is based on the students’ Individualized Education Plan as determined by the IEP team which includes parents/guardians, service providers, and the student.