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Chapel Hill Middle School

Dekalb County Schools

Chromebook Information

Please note: DeKalb County School District provides Chapel Hill Middle School with one device and one charger per enrolled student. 

  • Lost or stolen devices are the sole responsibility of the student and parent/guardian. The school cannot provide replacement or loaner devices for lost or stolen Chromebooks or chargers.

  • Please go to the Digital Dreamers website to purchase replacement chargers or Chromebooks. CLICK HEREKeep all confirmation emails after purchasing and use the contact information listed for any questions or concerns. If purchasing a replacement charger for a student Chromebook, the correct charger to select is the Acer Spin 311/Spin 511 Power Adapter ($41.00).

  • Students are expected to replace any lost items and return both Chromebook and charger when collected at the end of the school year. 


PLEASE NOTE: There is no estimated return time for damaged devices returned to the DeKalb County School District for repair. CHMS cannot provide loaner devices while Chromebooks are out for repair. Because of this, is it highly advisable that all parents/guardians consider purchasing insurance coverage and go through insurance for repairs instead.

  • All damaged or lost devices can be addressed through the Chromebook insurance provider offered by the District. Please click here to view the flyer

  • Insurance can be purchased until December 15, 2022, and will cover the duration of the 2022-2023 school year. 

  • All insurance processes and filing of claims must be conducted between the parent/guardian and the insurance company. Please call the number on the flyer and contact the company directly to file claims for damaged or lost Chromebooks. Once a claim is filed, a mailing label should be sent to the parent for the Chromebook to be mailed to the insurance company for repair. 

  • After the deadline for insurance purchasing expires, if you have NOT purchased insurance, parents and students will be responsible for the full cost of lost and stolen devices. Damaged devices will be assessed by DeKalb County School District to determine if repairs can be made or if payment must be processed for extensive damage.